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We can act as representatives, liaison office to minimize hurdles and maintain production as Buying and Sourcing agency.

Here we commit exports in favor of local, domestic and overseas customers who do not have the capacity to export themselves due to any reason whatsoever. Here, we get customers' requirements get fulfilled and deliver and meet their expectations with much ease.

Here we, under contract with local / domestic customers who do not have the capacity to import themselves due to any reason whatsoever get customers' requirements fulfilled and assist them to meet their market expectations.

In separate we undertake custom packaging of goods in form retail, wholesale and bulk packing with and without customer given print corporate designs. We can manage from corrugated carton packaging to brand packaging, tags, catalogue printing for customer best retail and wholesale experience.

Our team consists of professionals specialized to in their own domain to check according with the international standards admissible and acceptable to all parties until or unless special instructions are drawn in advance before contract is drawn to avoid misunderstandings.

We offer Logistics & Warehousing support in-case of transshipment or third country exports and imports (re-exports)

Individuals and companies wishing to maintain control on production on long term basis are invited to form firm relationship as an investor to broaden their business overseas in Pakistan as Short / Long Term Manufacturers by investing on partnership basis with easy repatriation.

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